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Sinful Sunday 376 – titivating

All about the image….

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Sinful Sunday
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All wrong

On Thursday evening I remembered that we had a hotel reservation on Friday night. Normally we will have been planning and anticipating these stays but this week we were caught off guard, unprepared.

I went off to work on Friday, MrH was off work as his bike was having its service and MOT.

I finish early on Fridays, and MrH picked me up so we could go collect his bike. We arrived home, fed the cats and packed the case.

We left for the hotel at 5pm.

On the way MrH said he didn’t feel right. He said he didn’t think he actually did anything different but “I must” he said “as I don’t feel prepared and I don’t like it.”

We stopped at a pub on the way for tea (nothing to write home about) and arrived at the hotel just before 6.

The room was lovely. A suite of rooms.

We had baths.

We watched some tv.

We put on the robes that were provided.

MrH decided to do some rope work while the football was on. And as usual this relaxed me but I could tell MrH wasn’t feeling it.

We rested a little while then he decided to do some flogging.

MrH upped the anti on this, striking me harder than in previous flogging and I even flinched a few times. I relaxed even further. I don’t think I drifted into subspace but after I felt a little shaky.

We cuddled a little and I fell asleep.

We woke in the morning – early as usual.

We watched tv and waited for breakfast to be served.

MrH changed my collar and he hugged me. “I’m sorry it’s been a shit time” he said.

At 8 we went to have breakfast. After which we left and came home.

On the way home I fought back tears. It had been a shit time. We hadn’t connected right.

Nothing had felt right. Eventually I lost the fight and I cried.

We talked about it and have decided that there were a few things to learn.

  • We will make sure we know when we’re going away.
  • We will not plan a hotel play date away after work.

MrH and I hugged and cuddled through the day. Touching and kissing.

Fortunately last night our son went out to watch football at the pub. This meant MrH and I could take advantage of being alone.

I was instructed to suck Sirs Cock then to lie flat legs spread.

MrH used his mouth, tongue and fingers to bring me to orgasm a few times (I wasn’t counting), and, after I had drifted into subspace I squirted into his hands as he forced me to orgasm again and again. He then allowed me to take his cum in my mouth.

I drifted back. Safe and warm. I felt the connection between us.

Everything was right again.

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Then there were 3

I guess this is a strange title and given the nature of my blog maybe some of you will think that we’re venturing into a new area – polyamory…. nope.. I’m referring to work!

I’ve now recruited a 3rd member of staff. The business needs about 90 to 100 hours a week of admin/accounts support and so it’s too much for 2 people even full time. So I’ve called back one of my candidates from my earlier interviews who wanted to work school hours only to a maximum of 25 hours a week. This meant that she wasn’t suitable for the initial role but she is perfect for this, and she’s accepted.

She starts Monday and today I’ve felt so much better. I’ve even been singing away at work.

I’m now certain that I will be able to organise and support the business effectively. More importantly I won’t have to work at weekends anymore!!!!

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What a wonderful night…

I could write in detail about our most recent hotel stay.

I could tell you about the delicious food, the lovely rooms and the delightful view from the balcony.

I could tell you how I was bound and pleasured.

I could tell you about the seemly endless minutes of forced orgasms where time stopped and all I could do was feel, and breathe.

I could tell you about Sirs hand spanking me. About the thudding of the flogger on my shoulders and the cane stinging my ass as the wand, that was tied between my legs, kept me on the edge.

I could delight you with descriptions of Sirs cock dripping with precum, showing me just how much he enjoyed playing with my body, licking and stroking my pussy until I was incoherent.

I could describe the taste of his cock in my mouth, how I wanted to feel him fill my mouth and throat, so he moaned with satisfaction.

I could tell you how we giggled and laughed taking pictures.

I could tell you… but instead I’m going to say this.

I had such an amazing time. I feel fantastic.





We started dating in 1995 and here we are almost 23 years later still in love, still passionate.

In fact this last 12 months has contained the most amazing sex I’ve ever experienced- and I thought I had a pretty great sex life before!

But the intimacy. The hugs, the cuddles, the kisses, the care- that is priceless and with life and kids this part of our relationship had waned. Again I didn’t think I was missing anything. But now, now I have these things back I realise how important they are. Vital to maintain a deep emotional connection. I’m writing this and all I want to do is put the phone away and snuggle, so that’s where I’m going now….

But before I do – please let me urge the people who are in relationships who read this to go hug their lover. Kiss them and tell them you love them. You really can’t say or hear it too much.

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This week has been a whirlwind of activity.

The second member of staff started on Tuesday and she hit the ground running. We’ve had a few issues pop up and she’s dealt with them brilliantly.

Apart from having someone to talk to my workload hasn’t eased any yet but it will do..

I’ve even spent the weekend working as the sooner I get the data into the new software the sooner things will ease up.

In the mean time MrH is working to keep me grounded and maintain my submissive mental state once I get home and I’m extremely grateful to him.

I’m hoping that tonight MrH might have something special planned for me …. something deliciously dirty and hot!!!!

Next week we’re off to our favourite hotel and I can hardly wait…..

To be alone together.

With no distractions.

To be his.

6 more sleeps…….

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Stunning in silver

MrH has been making things using rings… he’s working on a chainmaille top, but the supplier has run out of rings; chains and bracelets.

He decided he wanted to make me something in sterling silver so I could wear it without getting any rashes (I have sensitive skin).

This is a new day collar he’s made me …. he started it last night… it’s so beautiful and I can feel it around my neck like his hands are there holding me tight.

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Sinful Sunday
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Go out already!!!!

Our youngest child is 19 and NEVER leaves the house on an evening….

Well ok that’s not quite true, he sometimes walks to the shop and back.

But what I mean is he doesn’t go out for a few hours. MrH and I don’t get any time at home, at night to play where we can truly relax.

We was supposed to go out this weekend with friends. They planned it a month ago. He’s been doing jobs for family members (painting fences etc) to earn money to go and now none of his friends are willing to actually go. He’s disappointed. But he has no idea how disappointed his dad and I are.

I was a night where MrH can do as he pleases, where he doesn’t have to worry about the noises, and we can have fun in our own bed.

I’m not saying we don’t play at all because we do but it’s not the same when you have one ear out for the boy leaving his room. I know MrH doesn’t fully relax at home because of it as he’s told me so.

We’ve booked our favourite hotel in two weeks and that will be awesome…. but I was really looking forward to a no holding back, make as much noise as you like session, (perhaps with some spanking and/or caning, and/or rope bondage) a down and dirty thorough fuck this weekend and now with the child at home that’s off the cards 🙁

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You’re hired!

My new job is very exciting and I’m really busy.. mainly because there should be 2 people doing the job and due to a series of circumstances the company found themselves with only 1 rather suddenly.

So as soon as I arrived I had to start looking for a second staff member. I’ve never formally interviewed people like this before but I reviewed CV’s and invited 2 people to interview, I also had a 3rd applicant who I have met before (she used to work for an employment agency and I rang her for some help only to find she was looking so she decided to apply).

My recommendation to the directors was to bring in this third candidate- mainly because she has a skill set (HR and recruiting) that we don’t have, and secondly because we got on well.

They interviewed her yesterday and after just 1 minute of discussion offered her the role. I got to phone her with the news and she was so happy!!! It was a brilliant call to make.

She starts next week – I can’t wait, not only because I’ll have some company, but because I’ll finally be able to breath easier and get on top of the work.