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16th December 2018

I got my treat, my reward…. MrH told me to suck his cock 😁 and then ordered me to lie on my back and spread my legs wide. He checked I was wet and asked “who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours” I replied

“Good girl, I think you are ready for my cum”

He moved between my legs and entered me. He moved my legs up and I ended up in that awesome position where every thrust hit my g spot. No orgasm for me yesterday, (I did have lines last week so I accept I wasn’t wholly deserving) but I did enjoy it loads.

I was asleep like someone had turn off a switch and slept soundly all night.

More sewing today for me as well as food shopping. Unfortunately some evil people have already booked the delivery slots for this weekend and next!!!! I wouldn’t care but the shops are shut for 1 day!!!!!!

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15th December 2018


MrH is working in the office all day.

Youngest went out last night. We knew all week he was. I got all excited. A night of alone play. So of course nothing happened. MrH had a crappy day at work, and didn’t feel like it, he was tired.

I didn’t get to sleep well. Disappointed I guess, I didn’t want to be. I tried hard to get used to it as I knew as soon as I picked him up from work that there would be no play, but I guess part of me hoped. Home alone time is so scarce.

I’m sure I’ll get over it.

I lost 1.5lbs this week. MrH says I might get a treat for following the rules that have meant I have lost weight. So that’s something to look forward to.

I’ve done quite a bit of sewing this morning. Basted a skirt together for Bee and in Monday she will try it on so I can alter the fit before finishing it.

I’ve done one part of the airing cupboard door and I’m quite happy with the result. What do you think?

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14th December 2018

Today was the work Christmas meal. A 2 course lunch at a local pub/restaurant, that does very lovely food, with work colleagues…. colleagues who have gone out drinking afterwards.

We three girls did not.

For one, we all drive to and from work, so drinking for us is a no. But also we have other plans later that day. For me, my car is off to the garage for its MOT.

As they are very nice they did let us go straight home after the meal though!

So by 4pm I will either be very relieved or very unhappy – depending on the result.

I’ve continued to follow my rules all week, but of course today’s lunch is off plan. MrH is aware of this however, and I have saved some syns each day to hopefully mitigate the damage. Weigh in tomorrow will of course be the real test. After which I will be off getting my hair trimmed.

MrH is working all day, so I have plans to keep me busy. Lots of sewing, of course and I shall be chopping up some carrots to munch on.

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13th December 2018 – part 3

“So,” said MrH when he got out of the bath. “The next time you have a solution to a problem, start with that, eh?”

He is referring to the longer audio cable I mentioned in part 2… I am to find one and get approval.

MrH also got the cane out and so right now I’m red cheeked and very relaxed.

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13th December 2018 – part 2

Headaches – mine and MrH’s meant the cane was not brought out yesterday. I understand why, of course I do I’m not a selfish person, but I am still disappointed. I enjoy it. I get a lot out of it. A damn good nights sleep usually if nothing else…. but such is life.

Tonight MrH has gone to his mums and I did my lines….

Honest they are all there!

I stressed out today too, which made the tension in my shoulders and neck worse. So my headache has been on and off. Not as bad as yesterday, but still there.

Let me explain. MrH has said I must take a picture of everything I eat and drink and send it to him.

When I’m at work, my phone is on silent. It is usually covered with a various pieces of paper, and I may check it mid day. Often it is connected to a speaker and I am playing music.

Monday and Tuesday I didn’t hook my phone up. We had no music on, but my phone was next to where I put my drinks and so taking a picture was easy. The audio cable is about 1m long (if that) so my phone is limited in its range.

So remembering to pick up my phone and send a picture is not easy. I have to be aware of what Bee and Dee are doing to help and guide them as well as doing my own work. And as such my brain is whirring at 100mph doing several things.

Yesterday I failed miserably to send the pictures.

Today I did better, but it was highly stressful. I want to make him proud. I want to earn treats and rewards. I don’t want any more lines!

So this evening I said to MrH “I was quite stressed today.”


“Well, usually my phone is connected to the music and it gets lost under a pile of stuff out of my immediate sight and so when I get drinks and dinner, it’s not visible. I have to find it and try and put the stuff close enough to it to take the picture. So I have been worried all day about forgetting.”

“I see. Then no more pictures. It’s not practical.”

“But I don’t like that!” I argued back. “It’s a rule you only just made and I’m letting you down.”

He looked at me. “I made it the rule, it’s not practical. That’s the end of it.”

It wasn’t what I wanted. I just wanted to explain why I may sometimes forget. Why I don’t always see his messages until a few hours later. Why I would like to get a 3.5mm audio cable that’s at least 5m long!

But as he is in charge I need to just shut that down and move on.

Oh and stop being a whiny arse while I’m at it!

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13th December 2018

The weekend is almost here.

Payroll went well yesterday and I even resolved a few issues we had with the process.

Our little office Junior (I will call her Bea) has come along brilliantly. She’s picked up the fundamentals of purchase ledger, and is eager to learn. My accounts assistant (whom I have decided to call Dee) is also picking up the more advanced accounting things like journal processing. In all they are both learning well. This means I get to help the business as a whole with more general admin allowing them to spend time on project management. We have only 7 more working days to go before the Christmas shut down and in all fairness 2 of those are likely to be half days, so we have a lot to get through in a short space of time.

This Friday is our Christmas meal and next Friday they usually shut up before 1pm.

Of course as an added bonus, we get to process 2 weeks worth of payroll next week…. that should be it’s own kind of special hell.

I spoke with my GP yesterday too, and she’s approved of my plans and issued alternative pain meds. All being well I will be tramadol free by Christmas Day.


Yesterday I really dropped the ball and only sent pictures of 2 out of the 6 or 7 drinks that I had at work. I forgot to send a picture of my dinner or tell MrH that I had stopped for dinner.

He had a bad headache all day, as did I, so he may not have even realised. He normally would message “are you drinking plenty?” And he didn’t today. Maybe he was testing me to see if I followed his instructions.

Naturally there is part of me hopes MrH had planned to pull me up for my mistake to speak to me about my lack of picture evidence. But, being me I messaged him to list the drinks I had had during the day and showing him I had realised my mistakes. To confess.

As punishment tonight I have to write 50 lines… “I must remember to send pics”

I must remember to send pics….

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12th December 2018

Wednesday is Payroll day.

My team and I run payroll for 2 companies every Wednesday. Manually calculating overtime for some 40 odd men who for the life of them can’t follow simple bloody instructions. By simple I mean “if you don’t use the time stamping machine and hand write your time card IT MUST BE signed by one of the project managers” simple. Instead we have to run around getting time cards approved and as the project managers are not always in….. It’s a Stressful day.

So today will be stressful. Even though I did the smaller company’s payroll yesterday… it will still be stressful.

It’s a given.

No doubt about it.

All I’m looking forward to is tonight. On a Wednesday MrH has got into a habit of getting the cane out. He didn’t last week, but I was, shall we say a little tender around the derrière 😳 and so that was to be expected.

But I missed it.

When MrH is in full fettle I find it reinforces my submission and I also find it relaxing. Let me explain.

If MrH says “get comfortable” and then starts. I find I relax and enjoy the sensations, the cane and the stokes of his hand in between, but I don’t drift into subspace I remain alert.

If MrH says “Get comfortable” and then follows that with “do you remember your Safewords?” and “Remember I Love you” then my head is pulled into a deeper submissive state by those extra words. I’m still getting the relaxation, I still enjoy the extra sensitivity of his hand stroking my caned backside but I can also drift close to or into subspace because of the different mental start point.

Words are powerful things you know!

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11th December 2018

MrH has a chest infection, so he’s on a course of antibiotics. I hope they are the right ones and help him, as I hate to see him struggling to catch his breath and coughing the way he has been. Of course if asked he would say he’s fine….

Tonight I will be further reducing my tramadol, and all is going nicely with reducing that. I am speaking to my GP tomorrow to make a plan for the last step.

As it’s the second Tuesday of the month it’s the munch tonight at The Townhouse, but our good friend Mistress Chamoix won’t be there, and I was really only going to see her as it’s been ages, so we decided to give it a miss. I will this year be breaking with a personal tradition of not sending Christmas cards and sending at least 2 with the postman…..

I received some plain cotton fabric yesterday. I’m going to use it to make pair of trousers in it so I can alter them to fit me perfectly. Once completed I will take them apart and use that as a pattern.

At least that’s the plan 🤔

In the new year I really want to make myself some dungarees…. I love dungarees… but of course MrH will have to approve the purchase of the pattern and the fabrics. Hopefully, if I continue to follow my rules and be good he will let me.

I’m following my rules too. Yesterday I sent pictures of all my drinks and food… admittedly some of the drinks were half drunk when I remembered to take the picture but I definitely drank my litre requirement. Today I remembered to send the picture before I drank any, but only sent the picture of my orange when I’d eaten it…. basically a picture of the peel!

MrH picked Black yesterday, and Red today. I only have thongs with the red bra and I had been avoiding them since the attack of the devil grapes, but as that has now healed/resolved it wasn’t a problem.

Last night, even though MrH isn’t well he was kind enough to allow me several orgasms. He ordered me to “stop squirming” as he kissed the top of my legs…. I did try my best but he was tickling me!!! … but when he then ordered me to spread my legs the giggle side left me and when he set to work stroking my clit with his tongue…… well let’s just say giggling was the furthest thing from my mind. I’d love to give to you kinky readers lots of details but in all honesty I couldn’t if I wanted to. I remember snatches of details….

Tongue moving, firmly stroking.

Finger (s)? Slipping inside me.

Hands griping my thighs.

Fingers stroking my clit.

Nipples being squeezed.

Fingers inside me while his tongue works.

But mostly I just felt fantastic and once the orgasms began, I was riding that until MrH decided he wanted to stop.

He then told me how wonderfully wet I was, perfect for his cock he said and proved it!

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10th December 2018

I ache.

My pussy throbs for release.

I did a bit too much yesterday, sewing and then ironing. I should have put a corset on while I was sewing to help me keep good posture. I knew I’d done too much before I did the ironing but I did it anyway. I did ask MrH to empty the dryer and washing machine the final time, but by then it was too late.

So MrH told me to go to sleep, and that he would see how my back is tomorrow (today). So, no play 🙁. I’m beginning to think he does have a bigger sadistic side to him 🤔🤔 I’m gonna be thinking about him all day needy as I am.

I’ve successfully reduced my tramadol meds over the weekend. The thing is, I have chronic pain. My back is the worst point, but I have arthritis in several joints. The back pain has prevented me from effective exercise for years. Now my muscles are stiff and need reconditioning. I’m doing basic stretches and exercises now. Nothing too aggressive. Just core work gentle stretching. All of which will help my body.

I’ll be making a drs appointment today not only for MrH (who has an awful cough) but to discuss alternative pain medication for when I stop the tramadol altogether over Christmas. I will, all being well, start the new year tramadol free.

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9th December 2018

We had a busy day yesterday. We got the my hanging rails up in the dressing room and my clothes moved in there (again!). MrH then dismantled the wardrobe and today he will take that to the local recycling centre. Overnight the hanging rails at MrH side finally fell off the wall, so today he will put up the rest of the new rails.

I painted the pedestal and table edge on the kitchen table so that project is complete now too. We also took the table apart slightly to adjust the sliding mechanism. It’s an extending table, round to oval, and the mechanism had gone out of alignment during transport or assembly and it wouldn’t close smoothly.. anyhow we fixed it! So when I’m sewing I can extend the table and I’ve loads of space 😊. I am there right now, finishing a skirt I’m making for a work colleague, watching Mamma Mia 2 on my phone 😊 (love Virgin Store!)

Things are finally coming together.

I sent pictures of all my food choices to MrH and asked before having food with a syn value. MrH said if it goes in my mouth he wants a picture – “Everything???” I asked. I suggested that he would be best placed to take “that” picture for me as I would be too busy…. 😉. Laughing, he said we would have a stock picture to use….

I had a lingering headache all day, and it’s still here today 🙁. I made a cheeky suggestion that the Doxy and Sirs cock work well as pain relief and as our Son decided to pop out yesterday evening MrH told me to get the Doxy out. He didn’t realise that following the move all the toys are in his drawers, so he got it out for me. I had several moments of panic when he made it clear that I was to masturbate followed by relief when Son returned home and the Doxy was put away unused.

I know this might seem odd, after all, when we last went away MrH had me masturbate with the Doxy, and I had no problem obeying. That’s the difference. Do you see? I was told to do it.

I have had a huge mental shift over the last few months. I can be horny as hell, wet and needy but unless MrH is pulling the strings – no orgasm. In the past I could masturbate successfully when I felt the need. Not any more.

So yesterday, I told him I had meant for him to incorporate the Doxy into play and he pointed out that’s not what I’d actually said, and that I may only get one not both anyway, I froze. MrH passed me the Doxy and laid down next to me and it appeared as if he were planning to continuing to watch TV while I used the Doxy.

I suspect that even if I’d used the doxy and that things good so I would probably have orgasmed physically, mentally I would have remained horny and needy because I didn’t feel MrH’s control.

It’s hard to explain, and I don’t know if I’m even making sense but I belong to him.

Had he said, “Here’s the Doxy I want you to masturbate for me” I would have felt a little shy (I always do) but I could have done it as I was following instructions, and he was in control, watching.

The mental side was catered to.

The thought of masturbating while he watched TV, that didn’t feel good. That kind of made me feel boring. Like I wasn’t worth attention.

We talked this morning about how I had felt and he assured me that he would have watched me he was simply allowing me to get ready and settled without scrutiny, he in no way intended me to feel like an afterthought. I, in return, explained that I need that attention. I need him to say, “get your mat out and you will masturbate until I tell you to stop.”

I adore how he responds to my telling him things like this. That he understands the mental need and says in future he will tell me to and not give me a choice. How he kisses me and tells me he loves me. How he walks up to me when I am busy sewing away, and strokes my hair and smiles at me.

I belong to him.