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Trip to subspace

Yesterday I asked Sir if we could play. He said I don’t see why not. What do you want. My reply was, anything – you, in me, on me, using me.

So when we did our collar change, Sir began to play.

He pinched my nipples and kissed my neck.

He rand his hands over my body.

Then he turned me around and pushed to my knees.

His cock was hard and he pushed himself deep into my throat.

Over and over.

Pulling out when he saw my gag reflex kick in and letting me breath.

He used me, and I loved it.

I slipped into subspace quickly. I think this might only be the second time I’ve slipped into subspace without an orgasm or impact.

He ordered me onto the bed. Bent over the end. And again he used me again.

It took a while to come down from the high and Sir watched me and cuddled me while I did.

Needless to say I slept like a log last night 😊

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Loved these fishnets ….

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Sinful Sunday
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To me one of life’s simple pleasures is kissing.

I love it when MrH kisses me- I mean of course I do…. but there are different kisses. There’s the familiar hello and goodbye kiss; the goodnight kiss; the gentle comforting kiss; and of course the pushed against the wall hands restrained demanding passionate almost violent kiss (yummy) but the times when he holds me, tips my chin and kisses me… that is magic.

The anticipation before your lips touch….

The feel of their breath on your face….

Then lips meet…


The gentle pressure of lips, the tentative tongue exploring.

The deep exhale as you melt and the kiss deepens…

Oh, yes – I think kissing, snogging, making out needs to be a regular thing you do… don’t just watch tv- make out like kids… keep your hands above clothes… and kiss.

Remember that song “don’t talk just kiss”?

More kissing I say 😊

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TAT2 – our first event

Yesterday MrH and I went to our first event. It was held at Townhouse (where we attend munches) and was organised by a group from Glasgow, that our dear friend Lady Chamoix knows.

It was Lady Chamoix who arranged for us to attend, partly because I wanted to meet her Slave. He and I have chatted online but it is nice to meet face to face.

If you read my blog you’ll know I took great care with my appearance for the event. I had my nails done….

And my eyebrows waxed and tinted…

And arranged for my hair and makeup to be done by a professional artist.

We left for the hotel mid afternoon- the event started at 9. MrH had a really bad night Thursday, and was awake from 1am on Friday morning, so when we arrived at the hotel he was exhausted and had a migraine.

He took some paracetamol and we closed the curtains so he could try and sleep the headache off. I sat quietly browsing twitter and chatting to some online friends as well as some real-life* friends.

When MrH woke up he felt better, which was a relief.

By this time I was feeling down. Not nerves, not anxious, down. Once again, I have been feeling so physically aware of MrH. I want his touch and reassurance. I want him to show me that he has the same passion to possess me as I have to be possessed by him. I want to feel he has the desire to demand more and more from me. That he will take from me all that I have and more. That his physical desire for my body matches my own. I want him to be rough and forceful. To make me beg and moan. To loose myself completely.

Of course I also accept that as his submissive I have given control to him and no matter what I want I am not in control of the pace of play. He is. Therefore, as, when and if MrH chooses to express himself in these ways is for him to decide.

Unfortunately, as I explained to him yesterday, while my mind understands the practicalities of this, my pussy does not; it craves his touch, and gets wet in his presence, leaving me horny and frustrated a lot. Once we got to the hotel my body wanted to be used. This is normal for a hotel date. So Sir feeling unwell left me feeling selfish and ungrateful. What kind of loving wife and devoted submissive thinks only of what she isn’t getting when her world isn’t feeling well?? Well the answer is simple – apparently me 😢

We ate a simple meal and got ready to leave. My outfit worked better than I imagined, the diamanté fishnets, the shoes, the top and skirt all complimented each other and even wearing flat shoes I felt sexy. I was sure MrH would feel proud to have me on his arm.

We arrived at the club and met the organiser from Club T and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Our friends Baron White Tie and his play partner Miss Nevaeh arrived first. We said hello and they went to get changed and put their things away. Lady Chamoix and her Slave arrived a short time later and when we said hello for the first time I held out my hand to shake his. He took my hand and bowed, kissing the back of my hand in greeting and then put my hand to his forehead. I assume this is how Lady Chamoix instructs him to greet people and although it was strange I felt honoured to receive such a respectful gentle greeting. They went to get him changed into his harness and we chatted to Barron and Nevaeh and also to some of Barons friends as they arrived.

When Lady Chamoix and Slave returned their demeanours had changed. Clearly a higher level of protocol had come into effect and I wanted to speak to Slave but wasn’t sure if it was allowed so I asked Lady Chamoix for permission. She thought and then said that I could. I asked if he was allowed to speak to me and she gave him permission to do so. Unfortunately the loud music meant I couldn’t hear what he said to me and although I can usually read lips I couldn’t make out what he said and so I didn’t speak to him for long.

After a little while, chatting and being introduced to many new people, good friends of Lady Chamoix they decided it was time for their scene.

They went into the lounge area and Slave was stood against the St Andrews Cross that Barron has made for Townhouse. Lady Chamoix spoke to him for some time and then she began. She flogged him with many different floggers, her persona changed once again. She seemed unaware of anything but herself and him, her focus on his body and his reactions. She checked him and monitored, she talked to him and struck him.

As we watched MrH stroked my back and arms. My body tingled, my heart sped.

Miss Nevaeh was allowed to strike a few blows with the flogger, she has discovered she is not a submissive but describes hers and Barons relationship as one of Top and Bottom where they both switch. They both enjoy giving and receiving.

Slave endured much and when Lady Chamoix was finished she took him away with the help of Baron to allow him to come down.

MrH and I were left briefly alone and as we sat there he leaned over and kissed me. Not a peck but a deep gentle kiss, his tongue gently probing my mouth. It reminded me of our early relationship, when we met at a pub on a Friday or Saturday night, and we would make out in the corner. I didn’t want him to stop – but then I am wanton as we’ve already established.

Baron was then flogged by Nevaeh and vice Versa. Nevaeh drifted into subspace and Baron ended play. Lady Chamoix and Slave helped Baron untie her and Sit her into a chair then he held her as she came down.

One of the things that was beautiful to see was the obvious affection they all share. Lady Chamoix and Baron are married. Lady Chamoix and Slave also have a committed relationship, and Baron and Nevaeh are play partners. I am not sure if they have formalised their commitment yet but if they haven’t I suspect they will. They are a family and their bond is evident to anyone observing them.

As a family they have taken MrH and I under their wings and are always willing to offer advice and encouragement to us.

It was about 1am when we left for the hotel.

MrH drove as I had had 3 gin and lemonade drinks. I took the opportunity to start taking all the clips out of my hair. By the time we arrived back, my hair was down and just needed brushing out.

As I stood brushing my hair, MrH pulled my skirt down. He ran his hands over my back and bottom. I tried very hard not to get excited. It was late and I didn’t want to be unable to sleep… I nipped to the loo and removed as much makeup as I could. As I washed my face MrH came into the bathroom. He was now naked and he stood close behind me, stroking again and pressing his body to mine. I could feel he was now aroused and began to allow myself to think he would be playing with me.

He told me that I’d looked very sexy and beautiful. Stunning he said. My pussy got wet and hungry.

He left the bathroom while I finished getting washed.

When I came into the bedroom he was laid on the bed. He came to stand in front of me. His cock now clearly erect.

This is how much I want you He said putting my hand on his cock he kissed me.

From there he put me on my knees and fucked my mouth. My head fell into a haze of submission, he instructed me to stand, bent me over the bed, moved the body suit to one side and thrust his cock deep into my pussy. That’s a good view he said. My head fell deeper and he thrust into me firmly. He pushed all the right buttons and when he told me he was going to give me his cum my body responded in kind and climaxed.

We slept and this morning we played again.

We’re home now and in a few moments I am going to go and cuddle. I can’t wait for our next event.

*I say real life not to diminish the friendships I have with people who I chat with online and have not met, rather to distinguish between those I have met and those I have yet to meet.

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One more sleep

Tomorrow we’re going to our first BDSM event.

I’m getting hair and makeup done and I’ve had my nails manicured and my brows waxed and tinted today.

I’m about 45% nervous 55% excited.

Oh and I’m so horny again! Work has settled into place this week and I’ve been able to relax into a routine. That has lessened my daily stress and this in turn has allowed me to bring my focus back to MrH.

Naturally that leads to me being wanton and horny.

Yesterday evening he told me to get my wand out and play and he would be coming to bed shortly. When I told him I was close to orgasm he told me to cum for him. He came upstairs shortly afterwards.

I don’t get the same level of release from solo play, even if MrH directs or controls it, unless he is in the room. The embarrassment of knowing he is watching adds to it for me, and makes the orgasm more fulfilling emotionally. Solo play like yesterday is more a simple physical release… at the moment with my emotions on high the emotional release I’m looking for just isn’t possible alone.

Anyway, I digress. Back to tomorrow’s adventure.

I don’t know if MrH plans to play.

I think I’d like to.

It’s not a swinging event and that’s not what we would go for anyway… but I’ve a recurring fantasy/dream where we are at the club (in my dreams it’s at the club we go to for the munch cos that’s all my head knows lol) and Sir tells me to remove my panties and give them to him which I do.

He then instructs me to unfasten his trousers and worship his cock while he chats with the gentlemen he’s been talking to.

I do this, my hands shaking as I’m nervous, but as I undo his trousers the room and people around me fade and I’m only aware of him. I take his cock out of his pants and kiss gently and lick as I know he likes. He’s already getting hard and one of the men he’s talking to comment that I’m very well behaved, his own sub is knelt at his side and he tells her to watch what I am doing as he likes what I am doing and wants her to copy it later.

I’m absorbed in what I am doing for MrH and only vaguely aware of this but I flush embarrassed at this mans comments and that he has probably made his sub feel bad.

But when MrH tells this man that I am very good and he’s very proud my focus returns solely to him.

After a while he tells me to stop, and to tuck his cock away. He asks the gentleman to excuse us for a while as he wishes to use the facilities.

He stands and takes my hand, leading me upstairs to a play room where he closes the door and says, “you were such a good girl I think you deserve a treat. First I will spank you. Then when my hand is tired and your arse is red, I will touch you and stroke you until you quiver all over. I will pinch and pull your nipples until you cry out. I will tease your pussy and clit with my mouth and fingers and then I hold the wand on your pussy until you cum… I wont stop until you can’t speak then will fuck you until I cum. Now get undressed”

Here’s hoping 😉

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As my images say… “property of MrH”.

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Sinful Sunday

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