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Stunning in silver

MrH has been making things using rings… he’s working on a chainmaille top, but the supplier has run out of rings; chains and bracelets.

He decided he wanted to make me something in sterling silver so I could wear it without getting any rashes (I have sensitive skin).

This is a new day collar he’s made me …. he started it last night… it’s so beautiful and I can feel it around my neck like his hands are there holding me tight.

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Sinful Sunday
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Go out already!!!!

Our youngest child is 19 and NEVER leaves the house on an evening….

Well ok that’s not quite true, he sometimes walks to the shop and back.

But what I mean is he doesn’t go out for a few hours. MrH and I don’t get any time at home, at night to play where we can truly relax.

We was supposed to go out this weekend with friends. They planned it a month ago. He’s been doing jobs for family members (painting fences etc) to earn money to go and now none of his friends are willing to actually go. He’s disappointed. But he has no idea how disappointed his dad and I are.

I was a night where MrH can do as he pleases, where he doesn’t have to worry about the noises, and we can have fun in our own bed.

I’m not saying we don’t play at all because we do but it’s not the same when you have one ear out for the boy leaving his room. I know MrH doesn’t fully relax at home because of it as he’s told me so.

We’ve booked our favourite hotel in two weeks and that will be awesome…. but I was really looking forward to a no holding back, make as much noise as you like session, (perhaps with some spanking and/or caning, and/or rope bondage) a down and dirty thorough fuck this weekend and now with the child at home that’s off the cards 🙁

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You’re hired!

My new job is very exciting and I’m really busy.. mainly because there should be 2 people doing the job and due to a series of circumstances the company found themselves with only 1 rather suddenly.

So as soon as I arrived I had to start looking for a second staff member. I’ve never formally interviewed people like this before but I reviewed CV’s and invited 2 people to interview, I also had a 3rd applicant who I have met before (she used to work for an employment agency and I rang her for some help only to find she was looking so she decided to apply).

My recommendation to the directors was to bring in this third candidate- mainly because she has a skill set (HR and recruiting) that we don’t have, and secondly because we got on well.

They interviewed her yesterday and after just 1 minute of discussion offered her the role. I got to phone her with the news and she was so happy!!! It was a brilliant call to make.

She starts next week – I can’t wait, not only because I’ll have some company, but because I’ll finally be able to breath easier and get on top of the work.

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MrH and I don’t really celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. I’ll be honest I don’t think you know what dates are going to be important until afterwards and I don’t keep a diary so I can’t always look back and pinpoint special or specific moments.

For example, I know I first met MrH before my 21st birthday in October. I couldn’t give you an exact date if my life depended on it.

I know the first time he came to my house was a Wednesday but I don’t even know if that was November or December.

We know that we first discussed D/s at a hospital appointment. We had got it into our head that is was July… but this weekend I was going through my calendar and bookings on and realised that we had our 2nd hotel stay on MrH’s birthday in July. At that point we had been D/s for a while.

We went to the local Ibis hotel on Friday 30th June and that was our first hotel stay…. (which was amazing!)

More research and I found an email where we noted that I had a hospital appointment on the 26 June.

Monday 26th June 2017 …..

We’ve been doing this nearly a year…. part of me is amazed by that. It’s still been the best thing ever!

Now I know that 26 June was the day that brought about this amazing new intimacy in our relationship- I really hope MrH will plan some way to mark it (and or me) 😊😊😊

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Sinful Sunday 370 – “Sirs pleasure”

MrH took this last night as I licked and sucked precum off his cock. You can just see where some has dribbled down my chin. It was inspired by something we saw on Twitter and I wanted to recreate it as it looked hot!

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Sinful Sunday
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F4TFriday #46 – Good Points, well made…

As humans, we find it far too easy to concentrate on our imperfections; those bits of us that are too big, too small, stick out too much or, don’t stick out far enough. As a species, we seem to take a perverse kind of pleasure about making ourselves feel bad about ourselves.

In an attempt to redress the balance, even just a little, this week we are focussing on our good bits; so:

What bit (or bits) of your body do you like (or at the very least, don’t feel too negatively inclined toward)? Why do you feel that way?

I have always been pretty happy with my breasts, and eyes.

My eyes because they seem to change colour, sometimes they look really blue, other times they look grey/blue.

My breasts because they used to get me positive comments and I could often stop a man mid sentence with a well timed lean.

What bits of you have others (friends, partners, etc.) told you they liked? Did they tell you why they liked them?

MrH likes my ass as well as my boobs. He loves that he can grab it I think. I’ve never asked him…. Wait .. he says “what’s not to like? Its ass and it’s mine”

How do you feel when someone compliments your body, particularly a bit that you yourself are less keen on?

Usually I feel uncomfortable. I’ve learned to say thank you and accept it graciously.