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How D/s Helps My Depression and Mental State

Please click the link below and read my little debut post on LovingBDSM

Author and blogger, S.G. Bound, shares her experience with how D/s and a power exchange relationship has helped her mental state and her depression.

Source: How D/s Helps My Depression and Mental State

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Remembering your touch…

As I shower my temperature rises. The water runs over my body and I remember your hands following the same paths….. I send you this picture to show you I’m thinking of you. You reply “hmmm”… I smile 😊 I know later you’ll claim this body as yours, cover it with your sent and it will need cleaning again. But not straight away… For a while I like to smell you on me.

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Sinful Sunday
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Return of the pain

It’s back.

The pain.

I had 3 days.. 3 blissful, wonderful days without pain, and now it’s back.

Yesterday I waited and wiggled and hoped it was just early morning stiffness but no it wasn’t. As the day wore on the pain slowly increased.

Eventually I gave in and accepted it was back. I can’t say I wasn’t hoping that collaredmichael might be right and like the patient he cared for this block would be enough to get rid of the pain.

I have telephoned the pain clinic with my pain diary readings, and the secretary seemed to think that with the successful pain reduction I will be considered a candidate for the nerve ablation. The only question for me right now is when???

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Dragonscale collar

My wonderful, fabulous, brilliant MrH likes to keep busy. He’s just completed a dragonscale collar for me to wear on special occasions…. And I love it.

I can’t wait to be able to wear it and show it off!!!

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All the way… that’s my good girl..

I’ve struggled for inspiration this week and so to Pinterest for ideas… Then I asked MrH to help me recreate some of the poses ….

I’m calling this image “All the way… thats my good girl..”

Is there anything sexier than the sound he makes when he pushes your mouth deep onto his cock?


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Medial branch nerve block – test procedure

Today I went into hospital for a diagnostic procedure.

I’ve have back pain. I’ve had back pain since 2008. I woke up one day in much pain I couldn’t walk. I had sciatic pain. My left leg kept going numb. The doctors just gave me pain meds. After 18 months i was referred to rheumatology. I was told it could be a few things. Learn to live with it. I was 35.

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Hand prints

This week MrH had the opportunity to give me a spanking, and he did so with force.

We’re knew to this and MrH is taking his time, getting comfortable with impact play, and I can understand that as my husband it goes against his instincts to hurt me. He took this photo after. You can see the outlines of his fingers and my cheeks are quite red. I’ve applied a filter to the image to show these to better effect.

How did it feel? A-maz-ing!!! 😊😊😁😁

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Doin’ it Doggy style

This has always been one of my favourite positions for sex. It feels primal and I love that feeling of impact as MrH thrusts into me.

With the introduction of D/s MrH has taken this to a new delicious level. He’s tied me, arms behind my back and pushed me face down over the bed. He made handles in the rope work to hold as he penetrated me and Continue reading “Doin’ it Doggy style”