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TMI Tuesday

1. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, your future, what would you want to know?

Nothing. I want to experience life as it happens.

2. What do you value most in your sex life?

MrH. My sex life is what it is because of him, his passion, his skill, his generosity and imagination.

3. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

Dementia. It robs people of their lives, their memories, their personalities, their loved ones.

4. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one in which you currently live, where would you move and why?

Scotland. It’s beautiful and remote and MrH and I have talked about it a few times.

5. Are you too nice?

Probably. My generous nature means I am used by people.

Bonus: Falling in love is _____ . (one word only)



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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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MrH has been my Dominant for 9 months now and over the last few days I have been prompted to reflect on our journey by a few other blog posts.

In short it’s been a wonderful.

Every area of our relationship has been touched by the D/s dynamic and made stronger, more passionate, more intimate and more loving.

I don’t want you to think that our relationship/marriage was in trouble, boring or lacking anything before we introduced D/s. It wasn’t. We loved each other and made love regularly. We had better than average communication. When I asked MrH to consider adding BDSM, it was curiosity, a desire to experience new things not because I believed our relationship to be lacking anything. Our foundations are solid, I mean we’ve been together 23 years (married for 18½) and I consider MrH to be my best friend.

As I look back now, I see so many positive changes in me and in our relationship. Some of these changes are in areas that I didn’t/couldn’t have anticipated.

I’ve posted before about how my submission has helped my anxiety, and it has, but in the first few weeks there was a period of great turmoil. The high of the D/s and the sexual charge during the initial ‘frenzy’ was difficult. I cried, I was needy and I was shaken, as my mindset changed from my default setting to the new submissive state. Once that adjustment settled so did the anxiety.

The many talks we had early on strengthened our relationship, our intimacy and connection. I’m still struggling to tell MrH the things I want him to do to me, I still feel embarrassed and a little ashamed of these desires..

The change in our physical relationship has probably been the most obvious. I don’t mean the sex. I mean physical. We cuddle more. We hold hands more. We kiss more. I enjoy this so much. I adore this new physical intimacy.

MrH seems so much more attentive to me and I feel unbelievably cared for. He expresses a level of possessiveness that turns me on no end, that I didn’t see before. Recently he pulled out the chair for me at the restaurant when we went for our evening meal (and again at breakfast), something he’s never done before, and I could have cried at this simple beautiful act. Everything in his behaviour tells me ‘I am his’.

And of course, the sex. Oh my word the sex!

I think it took a little time for MrH to feel comfortable using my body for his own pleasure without taking care of mine first. He’s always been an extremely sensitive and generous lover, and he still is. But with out discussions he’s accepted that I still get satisfaction from pleasing him. It feeds my submissive mental state to be used as his. He understands how I love when he cums in my mouth.

We have a number of impact toys, a cane, a paddle, a crop, a flogger and of course MrH’s hands. MrH enjoys using them and I enjoy receiving. MrH hasn’t yet pushed my boundaries with these, but I have come to understand that he is in control and he will do as he wants, when he wants to and not before.

We have a number of anal toys, dildos and vibrators. One of my favourite experiences so far was when MrH used the clone of his cock in my pussy, inserted an anal vibrator and then face fucked me. He said something like now I’ve filled every hole. I would like us to make another clone of his cock so that we could do this again and this time use the clones anally as well as vaginally. I would truly be filled with his cock (or it’s image) owned, claimed, possessed by MrH.

We have attended a munch and met some truly amazing people.

At some point MrH plans for us to go to a BDSM formal event. I’ve told him that I could see myself kneeling in front of him worshipping his cock, while at an event. The club has a play room with a swing and I would also like to play in this room with him. But these things are not up to me… And we will do what MrH wants.

In the early stages we made lists of what we wanted to try and what was off limits. The want to try list has grown… But our hard limits haven’t really. The exception being using a cane as initially I said no but after hearing other submissives talking about it I wanted to try it.

Our main hard limits are, scat, pee, blood, and other partners. I couldn’t bare the thought of MrH playing, touching, kissing, taking pleasure with/from someone else, or having someone touch me.

I am his – he is mine.

MrH has got into rope bondage, and I enjoy being tied. Recently we got a hook that can be used anally or vaginally and then attached to the rope. Every tug on the rope then moves the hook inside you. This was fabulous. I generally get very relaxed when MrH does the rope work and on two occasions now he has taken the rope play to sexual okay once I’ve been tied. Each time this has been a fantastic. The addition of sexual stimulation when I am completely under his control sends me straight into subspace. This can be bound spread eagle on the bed or with rope.

The other big change has been in my body confidence. The way I view my body has improved. Don’t get me wrong – I still see flaws – but I have come to believe that I my body is sexy and desirable. MrH has always told me this. But it’s like I doubted I was ‘enough’ that he would find someone ‘better’.

His passion for me, his erect cock, his words, his pride in showing me off as ‘his’ and his possessiveness have made me realize that he doesn’t want anyone else. That he will protect what’s his from unwanted attention reinforces this.

When we started this journey MrH did an extraordinary amount of research that I didn’t realize and you can read his account of our first six months by clicking this link. If you haven’t already read it, it’s well worth it.

In all, I couldn’t have foreseen what an extraordinary, incredible thing becoming my husband’s submissive would be or the amazing benefits, but I am so glad I found the courage to say, “I’d like you to do that to me,”

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Home again – part 2

We rested for a while watching TV. With two and a half hours to go til our restaurant reservation, MrH decided to take some photos. We had discussed this before we left and there had been a few images that we had decided to try and recreate.

The first outfit he chose was the body stocking. He opened the net curtains and told me to stand in front of the window. He took some pictures. Then he told me to lean into the window frame in my arse out pose. He took more pictures. I was very much on display. Our room overlooked the car park. Anyone moving about would be able to see me. I guess I should be grateful that he didn’t send me to stand at the balcony rail!!

The second outfit was the new white set. He took some reclined pictures, and then I slipped his white shirt on, and he took a picture of me in the doorway to the bedroom.

MrH put on the white shirt and I retrieved his black tie. This was an image I had requested, and he sat in various chairs and allowed me to adjust his shirt and tie to get the images I wanted…. I do adore him in these pictures (I used one for the part one post).

The third outfit was the black and red bra, panties and suspender set. He took some pictures of me leaning into the chair.

He then told me to remove the panties.

MrH filled the lube syringe (thank you for the suggestion Missy) with lube and asked me to lean over the table. After a liberal covering with the lube, MrH inserted the jewelled butt plug. He used the remote control app on the phone and the stand to set up the shot so it would capture him at one side and me at the other. He got a selection of implements out and started to take pictures.. the cane, the flogger, and the crop. He used them all on me too. Satisfied he had all the pictures he wanted MrH decided to play.

Now I appreciate that you will all be wanting juicy details…. But I have none for you. I have no idea what he did to me. I just know it was fucking amazing!!!! Orgasms 6 to 10 ….wow!

At some point (MrH reminded me later between Orgasm 7 & 8) I said “I’m your fuck toy”. I did remember doing it and went rather red.

After orgasm 10 he moved me to the bedroom, and he painted my abdomen with his cum.

I’d just about come back down to earth when we had to leave for our evening meal.

I suppose you’ll all have to hope that MrH writes about the day … And we can all find out what he did that felt so good!

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Home again.

We’re home from a wonderful stay in our favourite hotel, and as always when we pulled off the motorway there was that moment of “back to reality” sadness. We’ve been productive today though, washing the motorbikes, cleaning their chains and lubing them back up. They are both clean and sparking ready for the week ahead. But, my followers I know this is not what you’re interested in. Oh no – you want the juicy details of our debaucherous night…..

We arrived and headed for the room. As you know MrH had already said that we would begin with inspection and so while he unpacked and arranged his toys, I hung the clothes up and began to get undressed. I braided my hair and went to stand in the middle of the bedroom so MrH could put my collar on. I was naked. He instructed me to put my heals on and head into the other room.

MrH had rearranged the furniture. The table that was in front of the patio doors had been moved to one side. A single chair was in the centre of the patio doors. The net curtains closed. He indicated I was to stand in front of the chair facing him.

He took a picture.

“Turn around”

He took another.

He walked to me and began. He ran his hands over every inch of my skin. Up and down.

“Do you remember your safewords?” He asked.

“Yes Sir”

I felt butterflies and excitement in my tummy. Would he find some hair I hadn’t removed? Would there be some stubble I’d failed to shave away? I had cleaned and scrubbed every crevice, covered myself in body butter to be as smooth as possible. MrH said nothing he just continued to stroke every inch of me.

“Bend over”

I flushed, feeling shame and exposed. Shame because I could feel the excitement making my pulse quicken, because I was liking this new feeling, and did as he asked. Unfortunately as I have the balance of a one legged hippopotamus I wobbled. MrH responded quickly steadying me with one hand and reaching for the chair. He turned it so the back was towards me and gratefully I grabbed it so I could bend forward.

He pulled apart my cheeks and I could feel him looking at me. He ran his finger over my lips and clit. Finally he inserted a finger into my pussy. I was wet.

The feelings I had during this were so strange. I felt so owned. He was looking at me so closely and I was painfully aware he was making sure I had done as he had asked, and if he found fault he would be saying so…

“Stand up” he said. I stood, putting my arms back onto my head in inspection. He stood close behind me. Put his arms around me and his mouth next to my ear.

“I am very happy with my inspection,” he said. “There is only 2 ways you will be getting my cum today Sweetgirl, you will swallow it or wear it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“I also want you to count how many orgasms you have for me.”

As he said this he moved his hand down my body, his fingers found my clit, already swollen, and began to swirl.


He helped me walk to the bed, my knees and legs shaky. He laid me back on the bed, and continued to give my clit some attention this time with his mouth and tongue


He tied my hands and feet to the under bed restraints. He knelt over me and I was able to suck the precum from his cock. He lent over me, his cock deep in my mouth, his mouth on my pussy.


He brought out the mini wand. I was already pretty well gone into the realm of blissful subspace. I wanted nothing more than to have him own me, I wanted whatever part he would give. When his cock was near my mouth, I licked, I sucked, I wanted to give my Sir the pleasure I was getting. The wand sent me into a continuous flowing orgasm, the shudders running through my whole body.


MrH untied me. He placed a pillow on the floor.

“Are you ready for my cum?”

“Yes please Sir”

“The on your knees”

He passed me promises and I opened my mouth for him as I placed the vibrator on my pussy.

He held my hair and thrust himself deep into my mouth. Damn I love it when he does that.

“Are you ready Sweetgirl?”

As he came he moaned in pleasure, a sound so beautiful I followed him.


I swallowed his cum joyfully, the orgasms rippling through me as I could feel his own pulsing.

He helped me up into the bed, and covered me with the sheet. I was trembling and out of it in the most delicious way.

MrH takes after care seriously and made me a hot drink and brought me some biscuits. Then he snuggled me for a while until I came back down.

In all I had 10 orgasms… I’ll post part 2 later.

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Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week # 3

This week’s questions!!! Naughty Nora’s Sizzlin’saturday

  1. Where is the most arousing/sensitive area on your body? My neck. MrH only has to breathe, move my hair and catch it with his fingertips, and OMG don’t get me started on what happens when his kisses or rubs his stubble on my neck …..
  2. What is your preferred style for pubic hair and why? I don’t care one way or another but I always think less is best as no-one wants hair in their teeth. Since a few months into D/s I’ve been completely bare. I think MrH prefers it that way but he certainly doesn’t make me.
  3. What is one sexual/sensual act that you feel quite confident doing for your partner? I’m pretty confident that I can please MrH orally. I love worshipping his cock, I love deep throating him, I love when he cums in my mouth. I think when you love doing something you take time to make sure you do it well.

Follow the link to Naughty Nora’s blog to see other people’s responses.. #sizzlin’sunday

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MrH sent me a brief email with instructions for today:

Hello sweetgirl.

1. This weekend before play starts you will be inspected. You will ensure you are smooth shaven and clean. Your hair in a plait.
2. There will be taken (possibly videos) so make sure you pack accordingly(body stockings. Suspenders and such like). If there are particular photos you would like let me know.
3. Ensure all equipment is charged/batteries available.
4. For our evening meal you will need a dress or skirt.

We leave at 1pm, I will be showering and shaving momentarily. I’ve already douched so my bumhole is clean ready for whatever inspection MrH has planned. He’s been extremely attentive this morning. My lunch was a little overdone as he kissed and grazed my neck with his lips and stubble, distracting me from my task. He loves doing this, he chuckled as I was trying to send a payment via online banking and well, the reference was a little garbled to say the least… I love the effect he has over me.

A follower recently PM’d me asking how after 23 years of vanilla, and the routine that a relationship develops did we manage to introduce D/s and reinvigorate our connection so passionately.

I replied that the passion had never vanished between us, our connection had never diminished, our relationship had a strong foundation in friendship and respect so adding D/s and the other BDSM elements has simply enhanced that. It’s made us closer by allowing us to refocus on just us as a couple. Before last July our roles had always been family bound. When we met I had a 2 ½ year old son and so I was always his MILF before I even knew what that was! He took on the role parent to my son. Now our two children are grown up. This new road were taking has enabled us to refocus on “us” without the parent role.

That is the biggest change. By allowing us to reflect on each others sexual and emotional wants and desires, we have been able to bring our personal, intimate relationship to the forefront. To be able to recognise that our children do not require our undivided attention anymore, has enabled us to look at refocusing that onto eachother, with amazing results.

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If I don’t know it’s broke…

MrH is fond of saying “if I don’t know it’s broke I can’t fix it” and this last week my stress level has been off the chart.

My new boss has been asking me to take on a level of responsibility that I’m not comfortable with. I’ve been there 5 weeks now… and last week he decided that he didn’t want me to email or contact him during the day. If I had a problem/question/query I was to include it in a ‘daily update’ email sent at 4pm. So no matter what, I was on my own. If he emailed me during the day, I couldn’t reply. I had to wait until the end of the day.

I tried so hard to follow this rule but it wasn’t easy. It ended up with him being very blunt and essentially telling me unless it would cost the business money or someone was seriously hurt, I couldn’t contact him.

Now I can do bookkeeping, no problem. I can provide payroll functions, no problem. I can “support” a business from an administrative point of view, but I can’t make commercial decisions in an industry I know nothing about.

I became stressed, emotional and started to fall into the event horizon of my personal black hole.

MrH told me that I needed to do something. Either discuss it with my boss or leave, because he didn’t like what it was doing to me.

I decided to face the challenge and on my end of day update I told him something had to change. That I couldn’t do it and I hated that I couldn’t. That I wanted very much to work for him but I couldn’t do it how he wanted me to.

I then left the office.

He rang me as I drove home. I don’t have a hands free kit and I suspected he would ring when he got my email, but this wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have in the car even if I did have a legal means of doing it.

So when I arrived home I phoned him back.

We talked for half an hour or so and he was so kind and understanding. Everything is resolved and I’m still employed. I have the support during the day that I need, in that I can email him when I need.

He said he wished I had spoken up sooner as he doesn’t like that I’ve been stressed and upset.

He’s also agrees to cover the cost of my secure garage parking spot so I can go on the bike and she will be safe and warm and dry.

Following this I feel better and so MrH has shown me how wise he is… Without communication problems grow in size and become unbearable… No matter what the situation if you don’t tell them it’s broken they can’t begin to fix it.

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Hotel stay!!!!

MrH and I are going to our favourite hotel tomorrow. He’s sent me an email with instructions on how to prepare and an idea of what he has planned.

To say I’m excited would be under stating it 😁

As we settled in bed tonight he kissed me good night and said, “tomorrow you’re going to have so much of my cock you’ll be sick of it.”

My reply? “Not possible, Sir.”