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Photo shoot prep…

I’ve had MrH looking for pose suggestions for the shoot this coming week… He’s taken to the task stoically enough…tough job and all that 🤣

He’s shown me the images he’s liked and today when he took a little walk to the allotment I decided to have a little go at creating it.

I like to give him these little photo treats every now and then… (He also sends me delightful photos of his responses 😁). So with a 10 second timer on my trusty phone camera I took several images in a few variations. This is one of my favourites. The other reveals a little too much of my face for sharing..

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Captains Prize (part 12)

He watched her leave, the sway of her hips as she walked was hypnotic. A movement caught his attention as she disappeared from view, Smithy was headed in his direction.

With an energy that belied his age Smithy sprang up the steps and sat in the chair that Martha had just vacated.

“So,” he said grinning at the captain. “You took my advice.”

The Captain scowled at him.

“Now don’t go taking on,” he waved his hand in the Captains direction. “You and I both know you’re fascinated by her. She’s resilient and curious. And, she’s fair to look at too.”

“That’s as maybe, Smithy” he responded. “But there’s no saying she will be what I need. You and I have the same tastes and it isn’t easy to find that satisfaction outside a whore house. And that holds little appeal for me. I want an untouched body to please me. I’ve seen the disease that whoring begets. It isn’t desirable for man or woman. ”

“You think it was luck what brought me and Aggie together?” Smithy asked. “T’was desire James. She likes it as much as I and as long as you build that trust and love with Martha, I’m tellin’ ya she will not turn away from your desires.” He leaned towards the captain, “trust me, she will love you in time. I see the desire in her when she looks at ya’ she just doesn’t understand wha’ she’s feeling. Aggie will help her understand when we get home.”

“I hope so Smithy,” he said. “I hope so.”

“Well, I best go help the lad with this crib. He wants so badly to impress our Beth, but the babe will have no bed at all if he doesn’t accept help,” Smithy was shaking his head, “there’s the crib we used for all our babes but Beth wants something new.”

The Captain smiled at him, “you and I both know that you’d do anything for your Beth, you spoil her,” he raised an eyebrow daring Smithy to disagree. “And you’re as excited as anyone to be a grandpa. I’ll help with the crib, it will be good to do something with my hands while Martha rests.”

“We’d be glad to have the help,” he replied, “and it will be good practice for when Martha gives
you a babe…”

Leaving that thought in the air Smithy got out of the chair and patting the captain on the shoulder as he passed him, he left him alone.

A babe, the Captains could clearly see it. Martha sat in a chair, body filled out with his child. Her breasts heavy with milk. Her face glowing as she imagined holding the babe. Her small hands stroking her pregnant belly. He felt his sex twitch in response. She would be even more beautiful swollen with his child.

Abruptly the captain got up, he needed something to distract him. Carpentry was just the thing. He strode purposefully to the main deck where Smithy and Joseph were working.

“What can I do?” He asked as he sat down.

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Property of MrH

I’ve been playing with photo filters today… Because I’m a little bored and poorly.

And, because next week me and 2 friends are going to a photographic studio for a photo shoot. It’s a woucher deal.. £9 a person and we get hair and makeup done, photos in 3 different outfits in a variety of poses with props and backgrounds. We’ve chosen the ‘after dark’ theme so it can be as kinky as we like (they even have a swing) and we get one A4 print. Other prints cost extra.

So we’re excited and nervous, but it will be an awesome day!

Here’s my amateur pics…

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New toy arrived

As those of you who follow me will know MrH likes rope bondage, and I enjoy being tied. I find it very sensual, erotic and relaxing.

His hands working the rope around my body, the comforting feeling as it wraps around me. I imagine each rope to be an extension of MrH as he binds me to him, secures my body in rope making me into a work of art.

He looks at images online of rope work for inspiration and he shows me images he’s interested in to guage my response and for me to say if I believe my back can do what would be required or if modification would be needed.

One thing we’ve seen is the use of a hook … It can be utilised anally or vaginally (if you have 2 – both), so last week we ordered one. Today it arrived.

Our son advised me yesterday that he’s planning to go out next weekend….. We’re going to have lots of fun while he’s out 😊😊😊

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Cold & Flu warning

MrH and I have got a cold. It’s unusual that we’re both ill at the same time. Normally one of us gets it and passes it on. Not this time. So we’re talking cold and flu remedies and staying warm as best as we can.

Thanks to the UK’s restriction on the sale of paracetamol products you can only buy 16 tablets or in our case 2 days supply of cold meds. To get enough for 3 days I had to go into the shop twice 🤨 which I could have done without.

We have declared Castle H a quarantine zone and hope it passes quickly!

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It’s fooked!

Well … Just when you think things are going ok….

The cooker breaks 😭

Yes it’s fooked. We were already down to 3 working rings on the hob. Now the oven won’t work. And having spoken to a local repair company this make of cooker has been bought out and it’s unlikely we can get it repaired.

So, I’ve ordered a replacement but might take upto 34 days to arrive.

In the meantime…. Takeaway ordered today & we will plan tomorrow for stove top meals/slow cooker meals to keep us going until the new cooker arrives.


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Butter wouldn’t melt…

So yesterday I got run over by my cat.

Well more like he used my face as a launch pad.

Looks innocent doesn’t he? Cute even? Usually he is. Yesterday he was startled when MrH touched his tail, and he shot off MrH’s chest where he’d been laying and because I was snuggled with my head on his shoulder, I was unfortunately in his flight path.

Today I look and feel a little bit sore….

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Overcoming … Embarrassment

This post isn’t an easy one to write. But I’m going to do it anyway. Because I think I need to.

Since we started in D/s we’ve explored so much and grown so much but in other areas I struggle.

One of these is talking to MrH about intimate things. Talking about my body, what I fantasize about. When I do I hide my face, I feel shame and embarrassment. And I wish I didn’t. I can write it without issue. But I’d like to get to a point where I can look at him and tell him.


MrH has these boxer shorts… I love them, they feel amazing but when we went away we couldn’t find them. So MrH gave me permission to buy a replacement pair. When they arrived he put them on and I took some pictures.

Aren’t they gorgeous??

So last night MrH was in the bath and I was looking at these images. I got aroused and decided that as MrH wasn’t feeling well, and therefore play was unlikely, I would to get promises out of the kink bag and enjoy some solo play.

Before I continue I want to point out that MrH has specifically told me that if I feel aroused and I want to masterbate I should go ahead. “I want you to enjoy your body” he told me.

So, why all this embarrassment??

Sometimes I “squirt” when I masterbate. I usually fold a towel under me “just in case” but last night I didn’t.

Well – you guessed it. Last night’s self play and orgasm ended with a squirting O.

The bed was wet and I was mortified.

I put towels down and dried the mattress and sheet as much as possible then put towels down. Tidied up and crawled back into bed.

MrH finished in the bath and he layed on the bed as usual. I snuggled up and tried to tell him what had happened.

It must have taken me 45 minutes to finally say the simplest thing.. which was that I had enjoyed myself fantasizing about his sexy shorts, while he was in the bath.

He was quite puzzled by my embarrassment. “When have I ever told you you had to ask permission?” He asked. I think he thought I believed I had broken a rule.. so when I confessed to having wet the bed, he just said, that’s not a problem. Many women would love to be able to have an orgasm like that, there’s no need to be ashamed of something natural.

Have I ever said how amazing MrH is???? 😀

Of course it didn’t shift my feelings. They are deeply ingrained. But I hope that in time I can learn to be less self conscious…

So, I’m writing this to make me face it…..

Here goes:

I had a squirting O and there’s nothing wrong with it! It’s normal, it’s natural and feels great too!