How it began – part 1

I’ve read a lot of literature, but the first time I encountered BDSM it was by accident. Apparently not everything Anne Rice writes is horror! I was in the library looking for a new horror book having just finished one of the vampire books and I picked up a book called ‘Beauty’s Punishment’ needless to say it was an eye opener.  I read and found myself aroused, but at the same time I felt it was wrong to be… at 20 I had very little experience. I had been married briefly to a very inexperienced man who ultimately was unfaithful and the relationship ended.  I had a young son. But I was very niave. 

I met my now husband when I was 21, and our relationship has been great. MrH is strong, passionate, caring.  We have had periods where the passion has ebbed but we have remained strong together through our deep friendship and trust. 

Even so it took me 17 years to ask him if he would be willing to try BDSM and as I am now off to work I’ll tell you about that next time. 



MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences over the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by following this link: New Dom’s Tale I hope you enjoy it!

Hair today gone tomorrow!

In my previous post “Bad Hair Day” I grumbled about how my bad hairdo was upsetting me…. Well no more! Thanks to my friend and her sister’s salon I am myself again… In fact… My hair hasn’t felt this “me” in about 18 months so I’m definitely sticking with them in future!

And a good job too as I got a phone call as I left the salon inviting me to attend a job interview… Tomorrow 😳

Boredom – eating is the frenemy

I have a self control issue. I admit it.

When I’m bored… I snack.

When I’m feeling down… I snack.

And right now, I’m bored. I’m not working, and I’m feeling useless in so many ways. So I’m picking. Mostly if I’m with MrH, I pick ‘free’ foods … But then, when I’m alone, I pick up food that I need to syn.

Chocolate, crisps, ice-cream…

I can have 105 syns a week (15 a day) and I have used so many that I only have 6.5 syns each day for the next 4 days.

So, I’ve asked MrH to help me again.. because although he gave me a rule that I must only eat foods that conform to the slimming world plan, I’m still struggling. I have asked him if he will take control of my syns…

From this point forward, I must ask permission to use syns. If it isn’t free I have to ask.

I will get back to target!

Thank you MrH for supporting and helping me when I’m too weak to make good food choices.

Cry Baby

Last night, while MrH slept, I cried.

Eventually I sent him an email telling him how I was feeling…



I’ve lost some of my submissive mental state…

We haven’t been able to go away this month. I’m not working and finances just won’t allow it.

And while there’s been some opportunity for play, the extended period of time we get together when we’re away feeds my submissive mental state. So the loss has hit me. Hard.

And instead of speaking openly about my needs I’ve pushed them down. Told that unhappy voice to ‘shut he hell up’ because my needs are secondary. If MrH wanted to ‘x,y,z’ he would. It’s not my place to say hey I need a full on seeing to .

So I’ve tried to keep myself there. I’ve been more service oriented (asking if Sir wants anything), I’ve tried to be more actively submissive, following my rules … I’ve even asked MrH how he would feel about monitoring my daily chores using an app that Miriam suggested (he’s not looked into it). I sent him a video of me masterbating after I wrote about how he used me, which he said he enjoyed. And it’s helped .. but not enough.

Clearly or I wouldn’t be crying.

MrH read it this morning and immediately put the cushion at his side, patted it and said, “come here” indicating I was to snuggle. The he told me he was sorry. I didn’t understand. Why was he sorry? Because he said if I was doing my job you wouldn’t be feeling like this. I need to know if you need more from me. If I don’t know I can’t fix it, he explained.

I told him my worry is that by telling him what I feel I need I’m being ungrateful. I’m not letting him be in control if I’m asking him to do things he doesn’t want to do..

Again he said he considers it essential that I tell him if my needs aren’t being met, so he can take that into account. He reminded me that we’re still learning and so I have to tell him and not hold it in. He particularly didn’t like the idea I had been crying.

Now last night MrH had said that he was thinking of shutting the cats out of the bedroom and getting the flogger out… (Our youngest was going to be out of the house for about 2 hours helping my mum out at the allotment association shop) and at the time as heartbroken as I felt, so in need of his affection, I couldn’t even feel excited. All that went through my head was ‘don’t get excited then when it doesn’t happen you won’t be disappointed’ which is completely unfair of me as MrH hasn’t ever cancelled plans to play… But I think I was in full on self protection mode.

So as he held me, and kissed my head, he said.. I will drop C off, and you can get naked and wait for me to come home.

This time, the anticipation tweaked my stomach. After he left he messaged me instructions, to get the toy bag out ready for him. To be waiting naked on the bed.

I got things ready, and waited naked under a blanket with the heater on so the room warmed up (it had started to snow) and as soon as he arrived home I got into the wait position on the bed.

MrH came in, praised me for being correctly positioned and told me to undress him.

He used the flogger and his hand to spank me. He used the vibrator and his hands to bring me to orgasm several times. He used my mouth for his pleasure in between toys. He inserted the vibrating butt plug and flogged and spanked some more. Then, deliciously he ordered me off the bed and to kneel, he cuffed my hands behind my back and holding my head, he face fucked me, rubbing precum over my mouth and lips, eventually cuming into my open mouth. I drank his cum greedily, licking him clean, kissing his cock, my whole body and mind satisfied.

He had to help me onto the bed for a cuddle while I floated back down. I thanked him several times.

I’m so grateful to him for not only listening to my worries but for addressing them. I love that he doesn’t feel I have disappointed him by feeling this way. I just need to learn that I have to speak up instead of bottling it up and trust that MrH will do what’s best for me from there. As he always says if he doesn’t know it’s broke he can’t fix it.

I just feel the need to say Thank You to MrH for loving me.

I’m Always Yours, Sir, in submission and Love

❤️ Sweetgirl ❤️

Bad Hair day

Why is it a simple thing like … Not liking the way your hair looks can make everything seem worse??

I returned about a year ago to a hairdresser that always did my hair nice…. And they have coloured my hair (highlights usually) 3 times and not once has it looked right.

Naturally my hair is dark blonde – for those hairdressers or those in the know… A base shade 7.

Now at the moment I have a huge white (yes white) patch on top of my head. And I have golden yellow stripes. To coin a phrase from one of my old friends.. I look like a bird has shit in my hair and it’s been combed through 😠

Essentially they have used bleach to lift my hair, no colour, and the sections have been too large.

I’ve managed to contact a friend who is a hairdresser and owns a salon… The only reason I haven’t been going there is that it’s half an hour away and parking is a nightmare… But I can’t deal with my hair looking so bad. Having lost the weight I have I want to look in the mirror and smile not frown … And right now… It’s not just a frown .. it’s a serious cringe.

So on Tuesday, armed with images from my past and the internet, I’m going to get this fixed … Because an unhappy me eats…. I mean seriously I comfort eat… Even trying to follow the slimming world plan it’s possible to eat too much free food…

This last week I went over my syns and I gained 1lb. I need to loose 10.5lbs to get back to my target weight and having achieved it once I know I can do it again.

But first things first… Need to sort this hair!

Tie me up and use me – please!

I’ve had a few rough days – my back pain has been worse than usual. MrH relaxed my rules a little and insisted that I rest and that on the first day I wasn’t to exercise. On the second day, I was to continue to rest, and do stretches not exercise. The third day MrH told me to do the same again.

This morning I’m feeling much better.

I’m going to see my GP today, as l received some advice, from a wonderful lady who is a member of The Safeword Club. She has experience of pain management and I want to discuss her suggestions with him.

Anyway back to yesterday, having spent 3 days in bed resting my back, my mood has understandably dropped. MrH decided last night that my back was rested enough for some gentle play.

He got some rope out and I stood while he tied my arms behind my back into the first part of the dragonfly sleeve (link to the tutorial below). I enjoy rope bondage it’s calming and relaxes me – usually. Yesterday, the TV was on, and the noise was a little distracting, which stopped me from fully relaxing. Nevertheless the finished sleeve looked beautiful -MrH took a picture and showed me.

After MrH untied me, I snuggled up to him on the bed.

I should perhaps explain, every evening at 7pm I go and shower. MrH likes me to be smooth. So every day I shave my underarms, legs and pussy. Initially I left a small ‘landing strip’ however, on a video MrH filmed on our last hotel stay, I realised that the remaining hair is so fair and short, that it isn’t visible, so I changed to being completely shaved. After I have completed my daily grooming I start MrH’s bath running, I add some Radox bubble bath and agitate the water to make bubbles. I do not get dressed again and spend the rest of the evening naked.

After his bath MrH also remains undressed, and we lie in bed watching TV, chatting online and just being together.

So we’re both naked and in bed. MrH will often touch himself (as men do) not so as to get an erection, just adjusting position, allowing air around, and so on. But, everytime my eyes are drawn to watch. His cock fascinates me. Whenever he touches it – I want to touch, I want to kiss and suck. I want to take him in my mouth and hear him sigh with pleasure. But I digress (see how easily I am distracted?).

One of my rules is that I can touch him when we’re naked.. but I’m always hesitant to touch Sirs cock without specific permission.

Last night MrH placed my hand on his cock. I felt so unsure. It’s been a long time since I was allowed to pleasure him in this way. Usually he is already aroused and we’re part way through play.

I gently stroked him and scooted down the bed. I looked at him and asked “May I?” He knew I was asking to use my mouth. And he smiled and nodded.

I eagerly used my mouth to tease and his cock swelled. Usually I would be wet and wanting, completely absorbed in what I was doing. But not last night. Don’t get me wrong I was turned on, just not completely absorbed as I would normally be. The TV was still on and it was tugging at a little part of my brain. Until- MrH grasped my head and pushed me down onto his cock.. forcing it deep into my mouth. As soon as he did my drain disconnected, and my attention was fully on him. He pulled me up a little then thrust his hips to pulse in and out. I heard him moan, heat and wet flooded my pussy in response. He pulled me completely off him and held me a few inches from his cock. He wrapped his hand round his cock and pumped up and down. My arousal grew and grew. My need for him became overpowering. He guided my mouth back onto his cock and, this time keeping still he held the back of my neck and pumped my head up and down onto his cock.

He continued a while then removed his hand, and I continued to move at the pace he had set. When he pulled me off him again I was disappointed, I wanted to taste him, to have his cum.. but he wasn’t done.

“Are you wet?” He asked me… And I replied, “yes Sir.”

“Are you ready for Sirs cum?” At this my heart jumped for joy.. of course I was! I welcomed it. I can’t remember if I nodded or spoke .. but he definitely said, “on your back then.”

I laid back on the bed and he moved the covers to expose my body. I spread my legs for him and he pushed his cock deep in me.

He told me what a good girl I was. I was so aroused I knew I was close to climax and he did too… He asked me if I was going to cum for him… And if I was ready for his cum, as I’d done such a good job sucking his cock he was ready to cum… His words triggered my orgasm and I remember saying yes Sir, yes Sir over and over.

Needless to say it was a good night. I’ve realised that I enjoy it emensely when MrH uses me and my body for his own pleasure. It triggers my mental subspace and I melt.

Thank you MrH for last night .. I am yours, always, & I love you Sir xx

the dragonfly sleeve tutorial

Captains Prize (part 9)

Martha layed back nervously. Was this it? Was he about to violate her and call it ‘a reward’?! She felt sick, anxiety twisted her stomach. She clenched her fists prepared to fight. He hadn’t restrained her. That was his mistake she thought.

The Captain watched her face. He could see she was anticipating some assault. He wasn’t surprised given her father’s proclivity to violence. But, he needed to build trust if she was to give herself to him.

He reached out his hand towards her and she drew her feet up under her skirts away from him.

“No Martha,” he said quietly shaking his head at her, “straighten your legs, and don’t move. Didn’t I tell you you wouldn’t be hurt?”

Martha nodded and straightened her legs, slowly, reluctantly.

“Say it Martha,” he said, “say I’m safe.”

“I’m safe?” As she spoke the words he could hear the question, the doubt. He let it slide, time would show her the truth.

Martha didn’t know how what to think. Safe? How was she safe? The bed had walls on two sides and she was on a ship surrounded by water. She had no escape.

The Captain got onto the bed and leaned back against the wall. He straightened his legs and their bodies formed an L shape. He lifted her legs onto his thighs. Firm and warm under her legs, his hands sent shockwaves up her legs, terminating in a warm feeling between her legs.

His hands trailed down her legs to her feet. Martha tensed. What was he doing? He moved both hands to one foot and, applied firm pressure with his thumbs on the centre of her foot. Martha’s eyes rolled slightly in her head, as he continued to apply gentle but firm pressure down then centre of her foot towards her toes.

The Captain watched her face closely. He saw the pleasure cross her face as he moved across her foot. Her eyes closed and he continued to massage. Slow firm movements over her foot and toes.

Martha felt her body melt, the tension melted and she unclenched her fists. As her eyes closed, she let out a deep breath, a sigh. Oh, but it felt so good. His hands on her feet. Her mind wandered, what would it feel like if his hands travelled up her legs?

The captain continued to work, changing to the other foot. She was so relaxed, all the tension gone from her body. Her breathing deep and even. A small smile of contentment played on her lips which were slightly parted. She was beautiful, he thought. His sex agreed. He wanted to run his hands up her legs, to part them and discover her sex. He wanted to taste her, feel her convulse around him as she felt her first orgasm.

Instead, he placed her feet on the bed, and moved off the bed. Martha opened her eyes and looked at him, as he got the blanket and covered her.

“Sleep Martha,” he whispered, resisting the urge to kiss her forehead.

She was so relaxed that she rolled onto her side and closed her eyes without question. The Captain climbed into his hammock. He wanted to sleep in his bed again, the hammock was fine for occasional use, but he didn’t fully trust himself to lie with her and not take her. He knew he could easily seduce her, she would be willing easily enough, but that wasn’t his plan. So, to give her space to trust, he banished himself to the hammock.

She was asleep, he could tell by her breathing. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander, imagining her knelt before him, ready to please. His sex swelled, undoing his pants he freed his cock. Taking it in his hand he stoked rhythmically, imagining her taking it into her mouth. He increased his pace, he would take her head and thrust his cock into her mouth, over and over, she would look at him as he did. He felt his climax build, and… He covered his cock with a handkerchief from his pocket, and as he came, he slowed his strokes as his seed was captured. He allowed the bliss to flow through him, and he cleaned up his cock. Done, he redressed, and settled to sleep.

A bad pain day

So usually my pain is between a 6-7 on the pain scale … The pain medication brings it down to a 4-5.

Today …. Ah, today…. It’s built slowly back up… And by 11am I would rate it a 8-9.

If I stand up it’s definitely up there at the 9… And yes I rate it worse than childbirth.

So despite taking all the available pain relief I’ve had to return to my default comfortable position – in bed.

For those of you with a ‘bad back’ you may be shaking your head and saying “noooo you shouldn’t lie down .. keep moving..” but..

My pain is in my facet joints. I’ve arthritis in my lumber spine and all the joints are inflamed. The discs have started to degenerate (happens to everyone as you get older) but combined with the arthritis it is causing chronic pain.. basically as the discs are getting thinner, the bones grind together which makes them even more inflamed… the more I move the more they grind… it’s a vicious circle. I’ve been told that I will not be pain free for the rest of my life and that my only choice now is to find ways to manage the pain.

Being layed down allows my spine to relax, decompress, stops the joints rubbing together and so provides pain relief. So when it’s so bad that sitting feels like someone is poking you repeatedly on a bruise… And standing feels like a knife being twisted in that same spot…. I’m sorry but I’m going to find a comfortable position…. And I’m sure you would too!

It’s possible that driving our son to university has aggravated it. It’s also possible that the dancing I’ve been doing as exercise has caused this. Truth is we don’t know.

Unfortunately this means that MrH is likely to be extra worried about me. He has told me not to exercise today. I feel bad about that. I have these rules to follow. And I feel disappointed I can’t do it. It also may mean MrH won’t allow any play. Which I really don’t want to happen.

I love our new dynamic.

I love the way I feel, calm and steady.

I love how play makes me relaxed and takes away my everyday pain, helps me sleep.

I love how I get snuggles and more affection than I used to.

So right now I’m hoping and praying that this is a short lived blip that goes away quickly… I really don’t want another 4 months of excruciating, uncontrollable pain…. I got sick of the view out of the bedroom window 2 years ago… I don’t want to be back there again.

Whoop it’s Saturday!

It’s a normal day. Only it’s not. Our eldest child is heading back to university having signed up to complete his Master’s Degree. We have packed the car – he’s had to go on the train.

He’s been home for 5 months, and it’s been a nightmare. But he’s leaving and MrH says if he comes back in 12 months he will be told he can only do so if he agrees to follow specific rules. I’m hoping and praying he doesn’t come back. I mean, I love him he’s my son, but he is awful to live with.

Those of you who follow my blogs will know MrH set new rules for me at the start of the year. Two of which were to help me get back to my target weight. I want to reassure you all that this is not about him wanting me to be ‘thinner’ .. not at all. In October 2016, following my recovery from a hysterectomy, I joined Slimming World and in 15 months I lost 5 stone. I’ve put 13 lbs back on and was quite cross with myself but also not focused on sticking to plan to lose it again. So MrH’s new rules have helped enormously. Anyway last week I lost 1lb and this week I’ve lost 2.5lbs.

It’s been a busy and exciting week. Our first Munch. MrH used his cane for the 2nd time and in addition I decided not to continue at the temp to perm role (they were not offering a competitive salary for what they were expecting).

So, unemployed again… But hey ho something will come up. In the meantime I will keep myself busy by writing more of the Captains Prize, and of course following MrH’s rules.

Captains Prize (part 8)

Martha wasn’t sure how long she stayed watching the family of dolphins, but the light had changed and her knees were feeling sore. But, even the discomfort couldn’t drag her away from the window and the antics of the dolphins. So, when there was a light knock at the door she was not only startled, but disappointed. She hadn’t interacted with anyone else on the ship and Martha felt nerves flutter in her stomach.

“Come,” the Captain spoke clearly, and the door opened.

A young man entered. He was tall and thin. His hair was blonde and messy, but he reminded her of someone else. She couldn’t place it but he seemed familiar.

“Angus?” The Captain raised a brow quizzically at the boys appearance.

“Captain,” the boy began, his voice was soft and respectful, “it’s ready. Can I set up?”

The Captain nodded his assent and Angus left the room returning with a tray. He set the table efficiently, and again he left the room. A few moments later he returned, the tray was ladened with two bowls and a plate full of bread. He set the soups and bread on the table and turned to address The Captain.

“I’ll return in 15 minutes with the next course,” and with that he nodded once in the Captain’s direction and once in hers. Martha frowned. Was this normal?

The Captain was looking at her and she felt a blush rise to her cheeks. They had been sat silently for a while, once she had exhausted all her questions, which he had answered patiently. He had seemed amused by her curiosity. He stood up and held out his hand to her. Martha moved awkwardly, her legs stiff from sitting so long, and took his hand.

He led her to the table and Martha sat down. He sat down on opposite side. She kept her hands on her lap unsure. He picked up a piece of bread and placed it at the side of her plate.

“I will provide three meals each day,” he began, his voice was calm and conversational, “but you will not eat unless you have asked permission to do so.” He picked up a second piece of bread. “If you eat without asking, you will be punished. If you do not eat, you will be punished. Do you understand?” Martha nodded. “I do this to teach you to respect me and, also to keep you healthy.” He looked at her as he tore a piece of the bread off and dipped it into to bowl of soup.

As he waited for her to ask, Martha ran through her options. She didn’t want to ask to eat. How silly. Why couldn’t she just eat? But she didn’t want to be punished .. ‘really?’ That voice was back.. it didn’t believe her. Taking a deep breath she made up her mind. She needed to eat. She needed to be strong.

“Please may I eat Sir?”

“Yes Martha,” he smiled, and the sight took her breath away. The skin around his eyes crinkled, he eyes brightened and he looked … Beautiful. “Thank you for obeying me without a fight.”

She had done it. She had asked permission to eat. He felt the satisfaction surge through him. She would be easy to train, she would soon be his entirely. He had seen the inner turmoil as she had worked through her options. He had seen her decision, before she spoke it. She was becoming easier to read, slowly surrendering to him and she had no idea.

She flushed, confused by her feelings. She felt good. She liked his approval. Why? Why would she want his approval. Martha kept her eyes on the bowl and picked up the bread. The soup smelt delicious. A broth of some sort. If it smelt good, it tasted even better. Her stomach growled in appreciation. She continued to eat while she allowed the thoughts to continue in her head. She couldn’t understand her reactions and feelings.

One moment she was relaxed and the next her body was tense, she felt an anticipation that she didn’t understand. When he touched her she felt an excitement, her privates felt strange, warm and alive. She was sure this was wrong in some way and she felt ashamed of these reactions. And yet, she wanted more. She wanted to feel them again. They were nice. They felt – good.

The bread and soup were gone.

Martha put the spoon down in the bowl and glanced up. The Captain was watching her.

A knock on the door announced Angus had returned. This time he entered without waiting, a tray in one hand. He put two plates down and removed the empty dishes.

“Wine for the lady?” He asked The Captain, not looking at Martha.

“Yes Angus,” The Captain responded, “one small glass for Martha. I’ll have my usual.”

Angus left and returned a few moments later with a glass of wine and a large mug. He must be using a nearby room as a staging area Martha thought.

Martha wondered if she would need to ask permission to eat again. Despite the traitorous little voice that was dancing about demanding to be spanked, Martha was determined not to disobey. Angus had finished serving and after expressing his desire that they should “enjoy” he departed, again advising that he would return in 15 minutes.

She kept her eyes down and her hands on her knee. The Captain was watching her closely and he wondered if she would ask to eat. He hasn’t specified deliberately. He wanted to see how she would handle it. He allowed the silence to stretch while he picked up his fork and began to eat. It was a rice and seafood dish that was a favourite of his. They used a fish stock to flavour the rice and a mix of fish and squid that they caught as the meat. Angus knew how to cook, his mother had taught him well, and The Captain had not once regretted making Angus the cook on board. At 21 he had been the cook since he was 15.

“Please Sir,” Martha spoke up, and he looked up at her. “May I eat?”

“Yes Martha, you may.” He was thrilled. She had obviously decided that it was prudent to ask permission rather than assume it was alright, that was what he had wanted. She had passed his test.

He admitted however, that he was just a little disappointed. He had wanted to spank her delightful behind again. As he ate, he watched her. She appeared to be enjoying the food and he decided to reward her behaviour by talking to her.

“Angus, is the cook on board the ship,” he said. “He’s Smithy’s second son. I told you about the island, do you remember?” Martha nodded, “Smithy has 3 children,” Martha was listening closely, and as he paused the story telling to eat, he could see the curiosity building in her again. He swallowed his food and continued, “Their eldest, is married. He lives in England. Angus you have just met and their youngest Beth is newly married, to the helmsman, Joseph, and they are expecting their first child soon. Aggie is so excited to be a grandmother, and although he tries to hide it so is Smithy.”

Martha listened, fascinated. She had thought he was kidding when he had spoken of the island, but clearly he was serious. Families really lived there. A baby was to be born. Did he plan to keep her there? Would she be his prisoner? Her inner voice started to celebrate, ooh to be his prisoner. Colour crept into her face again. She was sure he knew what she was thinking when she blushed, for his mouth would twitch into a slight smile.

When Angus returned, the plates were empty and Martha’s glass was empty. She was full and drowsy. The Captain’s voice was soothing as he talked about the island and it’s inhabitants, he cared for them, this was obvious, they were family. He seemed to be as excited by the anticipated arrival of Beth’s baby too, and an image of him holding a baby flashed through Martha’s mind.

What kind of pirate was he? They were supposed to be brutal, ruthless, violent people. Captain H seemed to be none of these things.

Just as Angus was about to leave the room, The Captain spoke up.

“Wait one moment Angus,” he said, and he turned to Martha. “I think it only appropriate that you thank Angus for the food he has prepared for you over the last few days, don’t you?”

Martha went bright red, feeling ashamed to be criticised for bad manners. “Yes, I’m sorry,” she said. “Thank you Angus the food has been wonderful.”

Angus frowned at The Captain, puzzled by his behaviour, but relaxed when he saw him wink in his direction. “You’re welcome Miss,” he replied before leaving the room.

The Captain turned to Martha. “Feel free to relieve yourself and ready yourself for bed. It’s late and you look tired,” he said, getting up and moving to the bed. He layed down relaxed with his arms folded under his head.

It was pointless to waste time and so she completed her business quickly and went to sit back down on the window seat. Before she could settle herself however, The Captain spoke.

“Please come here Martha.” There was an edge to his voice that troubled her, but she did as she was told. “I have been pleased by your behaviour today Martha. You did everything I asked of you. Good behaviour is rewarded.”

He stood up and indicated that she should get on the bed. Reluctantly Martha got on the bed.

“Move, all the way on,” he waved his hands at her, as he walked to the foot of the bed. “Lay back and get comfortable.”

Martha lay back feeling nervous and…. excited.